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Success Stories!

I hired Stephanie to handle my PR needs because there were things that I could no longer handle - until that point I'd be doing it "all" on my own like most entrepreneurs with growing brands.

Her willingness to do what it took and integrity is why I chose to work with her.

To date she's connected me to some awesome people, such as Lisa Nichols, Danny Glover, Tisha Campbell-Martin and Cara Alwill Leyba to name a few. Primarily Stephanie has really been great at working to get me to interview successful people - that's been a great tool to leverage with my brand as I continue to grow.


Aprille Franks-Hunt
Social Media & Branding Maven ♦
Talk Show Host ♦
Public Speaker ♦
Author ♦
Mentor for Women

Fabulous New You!

Tisha Campbell

Aprille interviews Tisha Campbell, Actress & Keynote Speaker for the Fabulous New You Conference.

Fabulous New You!

Tyler Lepley

Aprille interviews Tyler Lepley,  Actor & Male Relationship Panel Speaker for the Fabulous New You Conference.

Real Life Matters!

Lisa Nichols

Aprille interviews Lisa Nichols, Best Selling Author & Speaker from The Secret.

Real Life Matters!

Danny Glover

Aprille interviews actor Danny Glover about violence and children for his "A Day with Danny Glover Event"

Real Life Matters!

Cara Alwill Leyba

Aprille chops it up with Cara Alwill Leyba, of MTV Networks and Author of "The Champagne Diet" to discuss her latest project, the bubbly and more.

Real Life Matters!

Basheerah Ahmad

Aprille sits down to discuss success, fitness and more with Basheerah Ahmad, Celebrity Fitness Trainer.


From  the Teachers Appreciation Foundation to Rhythm of the World to Operation Nurses Helping Nurses, Stephanie D. Moore has helped tons of clients get their message out using earned media! 

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(405) 306-9833

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